SPD 3P 10-20KA ~385VAC House Surge Protector Low-voltage Arrester Device 220V/380V mini circuit breaker parafoudre

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Lightening Protection
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Surge Protective Devices
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Quick Response
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Breakdown Indication
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High Quality,Factory directly

Product Description

Surge Protector

Product Features

1. built-in over-current overheating, temperature control circuit technology.
2. the module design, easy installation, online replacement.
3. low leakage current, fast response time, low residual voltage.
4. warning indicator device, green (normal), red (fault).
5. the new technology, high-energy, gap discharge electrode (N-PE).

Tips : Two colors can be chosen, re red or yellow ye , please remark, or we will send at random.

WBD1-C-10 1P 5KVA-10KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-C-10 2P 5KVA-10KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-C-10 3P 5KVA-10KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-C-10 4P 5KVA-10KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-C-20 1P 10KVA-20KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-C-20 2P 10KVA-20KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-C-20 3P 10KVA-20KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-C-20 4P 10KVA-20KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-C-40 1P 20KVA-40KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-C-40 2P 20KVA-40KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-C-40 3P 20KVA-40KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-C-40 4P 20KVA-40KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-B-60 1P 30KVA-60KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-B-60 2P 30KVA-60KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-B-60 3P 30KVA-60KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-B-60 4P 30KVA-60KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-B-80 1P 40KVA-80KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-B-80 2P 40KVA-80KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-B-80 3P 40KVA-80KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-B-80 4P 40KVA-80KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-B-100 1P 60KVA-100KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-B-100 2P 60KVA-100KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-B-100 3P 60KVA-100KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-B-100 4P 60KVA-100KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-B-120 1P 80KVA-120KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-B-120 2P 80KVA-120KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-B-120 3P 80KVA-120KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-B-120 4P 80KVA-120KVA 0.44 BUY
WBD1-B-150 1P 100KVA-150KVA 0.11 BUY
WBD1-B-150 2P 100KVA-150KVA 0.22 BUY
WBD1-B-150 3P 100KVA-150KVA 0.33 BUY
WBD1-B-150 4P 100KVA-150KVA 0.44 BUY


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