Hot Replacement part 2 Set for air purifier Humidification filter FZ-Y80MF & Ag + ion cartridge FZ-AG01K1 (compatible item)

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Air Purifier Parts

Product Description

Replacement humidifying filter FZY80MF compatible (non-genuine). This item is a consumable item. If the dirt is conspicuous and the effect seems to be lowered, we recommend that you replace it promptly. Depending on water quality and operating environment, the replacement time may be earlier.
By attaching it to the tank cap, it removes the bacteria that cause the sludge and odor of the tank and tray. Please clean the tank – tray – humidifier filter before installing this product.
Humidifier, Humidifier, Humidifier for Ceramic Fan Heater Replacement Ag Ion cartridge compatible model list: KC-F50-C KC-F50-W KC-F70-T KC-F70-W KI-FX55- W HV-C 50-W HV-C 70-A HV-C 70-W HV-C 70-A HV-C 70-W HV-C 70-A HV-C 70-W HV-D 30-W HV-D 30-W HV-D 30-W HV-D 30-W HV-D 30-W HV-D 50-C HV-F 50-C HV-F 50-W HV-F 70-W HV-F 70-W HV-F 70-W HV-F 70-W HV-W HX-E 120-P HX-E 120-W HX-F 120-W HX-C 120-A HX-C 120-W HX-D 120-C
HX-F120-W IG-FK100-A IG-FK100-H IG-GK100-H IG-GK100-P KC-40P1-W KC-450Y3-B KC-450Y3-W KC-45Y2-B KC-45Y2-W KC-500Y4-B KC-500Y4-W KC-500Y5-B KC-500Y5-W KC-500Y6-B KC-500Y6-W KC-500Y7-B KC-500Y7-W KC-500Y8-C KC-500Y8-W KC-500Y9-H KC-500Y9-W KC-50E1-B KC-50E1-W KC-50E2-B KC-50E2-W KC-50E8-B KC-50E8-W KC-50E9-B KC-50E9-W KC-50TH1 KC-50TH1-W KC-650Y3-B KC-650Y3-W KC-65E5-W KC-65E6-W KC-65E7-W KC-65Y2-B KC-65Y2-W KC-700Y4-B KC-700Y4-W KC-700Y5-B KC-700Y5-W KC-700Y6-B KC-700Y6-W KC-700Y7-B KC-700Y7-W
KC-70E1-B KC-70E1-W KC-70E2-B KC-70E2-W KC-70E8-B KC-70E8-W KC-70E9-B KC-70E9-W KC-70TH1 KC-A40-W KC-A50-B KC-A50-W KC-A70-B KC-A70-W KC-B40-W KC-B50-B KC-B50-W KC-B70-B KC-B70-W KC-D40-W KC-D50-B KC-D50-W KC-D70-B KC-D70-W KC-E40-W KC-E50-B KC-E50-W KC-E70-B KC-E70-W KC-G40-W KC-G50-H KC-G50-W KC-GD70-W KC-HD70-W KC-W45-B KC-W45-W KC-W45Y-W KC-W65-R KC-W65-W KC-W80-W KC-Y45-B KC-Y45-R KC-Y45-W KC-Y65-B KC-Y65-W KC-Y80-W KC-Z40-W
Color: Blue White
Material: Composite plastic
Package contents:
2 pieces * Replacement filter
2 pieces * Filter
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is /- 1-3cm.

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배송빠른편이고 제품도 좋은듯 합니다. 사용은 아직 안해봤습니다.

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very very good!!!!!!!!!

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I'm very satisfied with fast delivery and good quality.

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Фильтр похуже оригинала, но в целом хорош. Особенно за такие деньги. Про картридж пока ничего не скажу, но булькать тише не стал. Подходит к KC-A41/51/61.

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very good!

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Rapid delivered.

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Superb!! it's only 8 days from ordering to receiving. fit for KC-D60TA and KC-D70

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생긴건 정품이랑 같네요 . 사용하는데 문제 없습니다

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잘 도착했습니다. 배송도 빠르고 만족합니다

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Thank you for perfect item. It came on time and removed sour smell from air purifier.

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