-30-300 Celsius degree thermostat Celsius /Fahrenheit settable can set low limit and up limit, start delay time settable

Voltage: 220V
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Price: £ 14.01

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Model Number:
-30 ~ 280 degree
Temperature unit:
Celsius degree / Fahrenheit degree
Temperature range:
-30 ~ 300 Celsius degree / -22 ~ 572 Fahrenheit degree
Set limit:
Low limit and up limit settable
Has start delay function
Output current:
10A maximum

Product Description

This’s a wide temperature range temperature controller, temperature range -30 ~ 300 Celsius degree / -22 ~ 572 Fahrenheit degree. It has as many functions as you can imagine!

1. Can set unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

2. Can set up limit and low limit.

3. Can set temperature difference.

4. Can align temperature.

5. Can set temperature for both low temperature alarm and high temperature alarm.

6. Can set temperature resolution in 0.1 degree or 1 degree.

7. Has power-off data saving function.

8. Can set start delay time.

9. Can set time for turning off the thermostat automatically. 1-999 minutes adjustable.

Product parameters:
Output current: 10A 220V AC

Output power: 1000W for resistive load; 600W for inductive load.
Power consumption: less than 2W
Measurement deviation: less than ±1 °C
Working environment temperature: -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C
Machine size: 75mm (length) * 34mm (width) * 85mm (depth)
Size for installation: 70.5mm (length) * 28mm (height)
Machine weight: 0.23KG
Packing size: 85mm*50mm*110mm

1. this model shows that the degree of Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F) can be converted into each other. The control resolution can be converted between 1 degree and 0.1 degree. Customers can customize themselves according to the actual situation and preferences. Adjustment.
2. The control temperature can be set arbitrarily at -30 ° C to 300 ° C / -22 ° F – 572 ° F.
3. The temperature difference between opening and closing can be arbitrarily set between 1 and 25 degrees (or 0.1 to 25 degrees).
4.0.1 degree display resolution, 1 degree (or 0.1 degree) control resolution.
5. With alarm output function (external alarm), with buzzer alarm function.
6. Delay start function, adjustable from 0-30 minutes.
7. Temperature adjustment upper and lower limit range limiting function.
8. With power-down data saving function.

Instructions for use:
1. Provide you with the following diverse feature options:
(1) This product is equipped with a timed shutdown function, which is adjustable from 0 to 999 minutes (this function is not enabled by default). The user who needs the message at the time of purchase does not need to add any fees. The following two modes are available for the timed shutdown. Please choose which mode to use when you purchase the message.
01: Start timing after starting
02: Start timing after constant temperature
(2), AC220V AC110V AC/DC12V AC/DC/24V four versions of the supply voltage can be selected, four choices at the time of purchase,
(3) Standard diameter 4*20MM, wire length 1 meter metal probe, users can extend according to their own needs (can be used with ordinary wires), no effect within 100 meters.
(4): The default version is displayed in degrees Celsius (°C). You can select the version displayed in Fahrenheit (°F). Users who need Fahrenheit (°F) will leave a message when purchasing, and no need to add any fees.

Size of the opening:

Wiring diagram:

Terminals 1 and 2: cooling or heating output
Terminals 1 and 3: Alarm output
Terminals 4 and 5: Connect to the power supply
Terminals 6 and 7: connected to the temperature sensor.
Lock switch: Turn 1 or 2 to the ON position to lock the already set control parameters.

Physical wiring diagram, taking the same power supply as the load and thermostat as an example, for reference only

Delivery 1 meter long, high temperature probe. Temperature resistance 250 degrees, probe size: 4MM*20MM

Product movement diagram

1, you can see that there are two identical CPUs in our products, which is a powerful guarantee for reliable operation. More than 90% of the thermostats on the market are single-chip.
2, our relay is Taiwan GOODSKY or OEG, this is a well-known brand in the relay industry, other companies in the industry use the domestic Hongfa and Songle brand more, friends who understand electronics can be opened to compare. This The device is a very critical device, because the control results of the entire thermostat are reflected by this device. Its quality directly determines how long your thermostat can last, but most people nowadays Cut corners on this, because this thing will not be used when you buy it, it will take a while to reflect it, but at that time you have confirmed the receipt, and have given praise, there is a steady stream of People continue to be fooled. We have a 10A relay installed inside, but we tell you that the maximum 5A is applied, because the relay can not be used at full load, so the life will be shortened. If the 5A relay is installed inside, tell the user that the maximum can be used. 5A, that is extremely irresponsible. Resistive load is generally 70% of the maximum current, 50% of the maximum current of the inductive load.
3, our transformer (that is the red one) is potted, the benefit of potting transformer is not afraid of vibration, and the heat is also very low.
4, most of the components of the whole machine use SMT machine patch, the technology is excellent, this is the guarantee of quality, higher reliability than manual welding.
5, many friends may ask why there are still empty components, which is reserved for more models.

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